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Our roles as parents, guardians, and as a community are we should feel concern what’s happening in the digital world.

We must agree that digital revolution either being it the Internet, mobile phones, the social media is something that is here to stay and why not they are tools if use properly will help the user a lot.

Should we as responsible communities be alarmed on how our children are embracing the the digital innovations? Yes we should. It is also our responsibilities to know about the dangers and how to stay safe so that we can teach our children.

Just a reminder — Don’t panic as wrong conclusions may be reached
Things to know
ICSF survey “Impact of Internet on children” provided useful information on how children use the Internet. Knowing what teenagers do online is crucial to understand their behaviour and to devise relevant safety procedures.

  • Browsing and surfing the Internet for fun or research
  • Email
  • Using chat room and online forum
  • Instant messaging
  • Social networking
  • Downloading and file sharing
  • Online gaming
  • Security issues for both the user
  • Security for the devices e.g computer virus, spam emails
  • Cyberbullying
  • Giving too much information to the outside world
  • Descrbing their day to day life online eg. Social networking, blogs
  • Health issues
  • Screen swirching / hiding
  • Meeting online friends
  • Anonymous phone calls or text messages
  • Using Internet during unsocial hours
  • Change in attitude/behaviour
  • Know what your child is doing online
  • Place the computer in a common room
  • Install security software to protect the computer
  • Set rules
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