Internet Child Safety Foundation

Safety Corner

While the Internet is full of usefull resources for both youngs and grown ups, a few rules are important to stay safe online.

Those rules apply to anyone using the various electronic mediums be it computer, mobile phones, tablets or other hand held devices.

Internet technologies offer a range of services to help us in our daily life. Remember always be vigilant and alert online.

  • Use of Internet help us with schoolwork
  • Use the internet to meet family in other country
  • Be careful with your personal information
  • For parents set a limits for children’s use of the internet
  • Warm children about possible online harassment and problem
  • Do tell your parent immediately when you have encountered any problem on internet
  • Use nickname when entering a chat room
  • Do avoid posting real profile pictures on the web
  • Do close your wed browser when its has already been used or in case of violence scene
  • Do use antivirus program to keep your computer safe
  • Do use password with character, numbers and symbols
  • Be careful when downloading programs
  • Learn more about universities you want to go for further education and can apply online
  • Turn on the junk mail filtering system which will sent spam one to a different folder
  • It educate employees about sharing information online

  • We meet new people
  • We exchange our views about certain things
  • We can relax because we don’t have to see the person physically
  • If we are shy this is a way of making friends
  • Chat is a really quick and easy way to share files like photos

  • Security pin code should be used to avoid misuse of your mobile phones
  • MMS/SMS received should be checked for their source before opening
  • Mobile phone keypad should be locked after every use
  • Use your mobile phone only when necessary
  • You can do surf Internet & Connect with the whole world by Mobile.
  • Keep in touch with friends and family

  • Set rules and time for Internet usage
  • Allowed to use the internet
  • Know the sites your child are visiting

Safety Rules:

Just a reminder — the list is end less but let’s start with these few

Be careful online !

  • Do not give personal information
  • Do not have in person meeting with people whom you don’t know
  • Don’t give your phone number, address, city to unknown people
  • Don’t give especially password to anyone
  • Don’t make copies of any copyrighted material
  • Don’t reply to any conversation that you don’t know
  • Don’t fill out any survey, membership, or application forms asking for your personal information from an unsecured site
  • Don’t open, reply or download attachments from spam or from unknown senders. These may contain viruses or other threats that can harm your computer
  • Don’t download any files that are given to you by people you’ve met online
  • Don’t set your computer to remember your passwords when accessing specific web sites or applications
  • Don’t install unknown programs on your computer
  • Don’t leave your computer turned on overnight
  • Don’t use illegal or pirated software
  • Do not allow your child to meet face-to-face with someone met online unless you will be there
  • Ignore pop-up windows. If one pops up just closed it

More concern online...

  • We just never know whom we in Chat conversion online
  • Cyberbullying is another problem
  • Be careful not to share too much information with other people in chat rooms
  • Make sure we know how to block Instant Messaging contacts
  • Be extreme careful while doing online transaction. And ALYWAYS have your parents permission
  • Online activities, eg. web surfing, chat, Facebook Can be addictive. If you are spending a lot of time in chat rooms, do you have time for socialising in the real world
  • If you think someone has hacked into your account report it to the people who run the site

Don't get trapped

  • Do not let anyone take your picture using mobile devices without your permission
  • Do not receive from or reply to SMS/MMS of strangers
  • Do not give your mobile numbers while chatting on Internet or on public forums
  • Do not handover your mobile phone to unauthorised service centres, to avoid cloning
  • Don’t use mobile for long hours it can damage your ear
  • Don’t use phone while they are driving as this can cause problems