Internet Child Safety Foundation

Youth Stay Safe

We know you like spending time on Internet. In fact our reach study demonstrated 95.4 % of youth browsed the Internet.

Being online and using social media, chat, email and other activities can be productive and entertaining as well. However this also exposes the user to a range of risks and online dangers. Our Foundation beleives youth people are vulnerable and we are here to help you to have a safer Internet experience by following a few simple steps.


Things to know
It is difficult not to be connected in today’s world. Be it on you computer or on the go using mobile phone or tablets. The resources available if use wisely can help a lot.

  • For research work
  • Email for quick and cost effective medium of communication
  • chat room and online forum
  • Instant messaging
  • Social networking
  • Online gaming
  • Security issues for both the user
  • Security for the devices e.g computer virus, spam emails
  • Cyberbullying
  • Giving too much information to the outside world
  • Descrbing their day to day life online eg. Social networking, blogs
  • Health issues
  • Everyone online should be handle very caution
  • Strangers who you do not know
  • Website asking to fill forms
  • Softwares that instal on your computer
  • suspicious emails attachments and files
  • Malware
  • Don’t be afraid
  • Talks to your parents or carer
  • Report the issues to ICSF or the authority
  • Check out safety corner for tips
Free Services
We have put at your disposal the services below. Click on the icon and you will find more information.

Safety Corner
Confidential Helpline Phone 134
Confidential 1 to 1 chat
Email Service

We operate a Hotline phone service with our partner where you can call and talk to us in all confidentiality. The phone number is 134.