Internet Child Safety Foundation


We are committed to being helpful when you need help the most.

We all use the digital technology in everyday life. This can be browsing webpages, email, sending text, MMS, social media, chat rooms, or online forum. As user of technology we come across different content. Some are fun and informative while others can offensive.

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What to report

We know circumstances vary from individual to individual. We do not want to restrict what you can report to us. However we take the following very seriously and want you to tell us immediately.
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Harrasment
  • Illegal Content
  • Offensive Messages
  • Online Identity theft

How to report

Click on the Report tab and fill in and submit the form. The forms will asks questions that will help us assess, get in touch with you and ultimately take the appropriate actions.

What ICSF will do with the case report

ICSF will ensure you are safe first. Once the case officer has assessed you report, we might get in touch with you if we require additional information. Once we have all the required details we will follow up with the authority to take the actions needed.