Internet Child Safety Foundation

Safer Internet Day 2015

Safer Internet Day 2015

Safer Internet Day preparation meetings with Childnet International

Halley Movement had meetings with Childnet International in London, UK, (03 Nov 2014) pertaining to organising Internet Safety activities for the Internet Safer Day celebration.

Internet Child Safety Foundation is a subsidiary of Halley Movement.

The 12th Safer Internet Day will be celebrated worldwide on Tuesday 10 February 2015. The theme for the day is: “Let’s create a better internet together”. Once again, all stakeholders – children and young people, parents and carers, teachers and educators, or industry and politicians – are invited to join us in marking the day and working together to build a better internet for all, but particularly children and young people.

Activities in Mauritius will be organised by Halley Movement, Internet Child Safety Foundation and Helpline Mauritius.